Money Coaching from a Mortgage-Burning Expert

Burn Your Mortgage

Money coaching from the 30 year old who burned his mortgage in 3 years.

How would you like to own your dream home and pay it off while you’re young enough to enjoy financial freedom? Get simple, powerful, and inspiring advice on paying down your mortgage fast from the 30-something personal finance expert who made headlines worldwide for paying off his own mortgage in 3 years. Transform the way you think about money and debt and start enjoying the financial freedom of being mortgage-free.

I’m not your typical money coach. I help to you tackle the biggest debt of your lifetime: your mortgage. In our one-to-one mortgage-burning sessions, we’ll discuss practical strategies for you to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible. Together we’ll create your very own Mortgage-Free Action Plan. You’ll choose a mortgage-free date before laying out proven steps to take to make your dreams of mortgage freedom a reality.

I guarantee you’ll learn how to save at least $5,000 on your mortgage, or your money back.

To help better your chances of success, we’ll focus on why you want to pay off your mortgage. What does financial freedom look like to you? It might mean travelling the world, volunteering or leaving the workforce altogether. Financial freedom gives you choices and opens doors. By having a concrete plan, and a clear vision of your future, you will be held accountable to yourself and kept motivated.

  • You’ll be provided with an easy-to-follow guide to paying off your mortgage at your own pace. Tools include:
  • Creating a budget and savings plans;
  • Setting and prioritizing financial goals;
  • Tools for tracking income and expenses;
  • Home-buying blueprints;
  • Worksheets for financial empowerment;
  • Up-to-date information on bank accounts, mortgage contracts, investing, and loans—and how to choose the best options for you;
  • Tips for overcoming bad money habits;
  • 5 action items from each session for financial success.

Not yet a homeowner? Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking to move up in the real estate market, I can help you. Together we’ll develop an action plan for you to buy a dream home you can afford. I’ll go over the basics of home-buying and share strategies for super-charging your down payment.

Sessions last one hour and can be done in person or over Skype and include ongoing support via email.

Don’t need a full one-hour session? Fee-Only Advice is available, including budgeting, debt managements, pensions and retirement planning. I’m also available for keynotes, lunch & learns, seminars and workshops.

Are you ready to start working together?

Please contact me through any of these methods to book a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss how I can help you master your money:


Sean was part of my money coaching team and I don’t think my results would have been the same without him. He was incredibly knowledgeable and taught me terms and options that I didn’t even know existed. Sean was always patient and happy to explain what my options were and why he thought they were the right fit. He served as an experienced resource of information as well as a very friendly, understanding and personable coach. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone seeking the right fit in this avenue.
Dima Ahmad