Burn Your Mortgage

Sean Cooper made headlines around the world when he paid off his mortgage at 30 on a house he bought just three years prior. In Burn Your Mortgage, Cooper’s extreme achievement is made accessible as the acclaimed personal finance expert shares the secret to his success: simple yet effective lifestyle changes to pay down your mortgage sooner that anyone—from new buyers to experienced homeowners—can make during a challenging economic time.

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Burn Your Mortgage combines inspiring anecdotes with realistic, jargon-free tips and resources for achieving financial freedom no matter your financial situation. Cooper provides an easy-to-follow guide to paying off your mortgage at your own pace and shows you how to live well while doing it. Tools include:

  • Simple ways to pay down your mortgage sooner
  • Your very own mortgage-free action plan
  • Sample budgets and savings plans
  • Tools for tracking income and expenses
  • Home-buying blueprints
  • Worksheets for financial empowerment
  • Tips for overcoming bad money habits
  • Up-to-date information on bank accounts, mortgage contracts, investing, and loans—and how to choose the best options for you

Inspiring, insightful and fun, Burn Your Mortgage will transform the way you think about money, debt and your path to independent home ownership.


Sean’s personal journey to financial freedom is a brave and inspiring one… Burn Your Mortgage offers practical, clear and useful insights to help people of all walks of life live healthier financial lives. I am convinced that Burn Your Mortgage is set to be a pivotal guidebook to achieving financial freedom. Peter Aceto, President and CEO, Tangerine
Most [mortgage] advice comes from banks, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, lawyers and home inspectors. Not exactly objective… Sean Cooper uses his experience as home buyer, mortgage burner, landlord and freelance writer to guide others through steps to come out ahead in the real estate game. Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star columnist, University of Toronto continuing education instructor and Canadian MoneySaver contributor.
Cooper covers all the bases and shows how the foundation of financial independence is still a paid-for home. Jonathan Chevreau, co-author of Victory Lap Retirement, blogger for the Financial Post and MoneySense, and founder of the Financial Independence Hub
Simple yet effective advice. I highly recommend these strategies! Derek Foster, author of The Idiot Millionaire
Sean Cooper walks the talk. His obsession with frugal living provides a ton of great lessons on how to get ahead financially. Bruce Sellery, best-selling author of Moolala and Personal Finance Expert for Cityline and MoneySense
A clear and concise plan for Millennials looking for a path to financial independence early in their career. Don R. Campbell, best-selling author of Real Estate Investing in Canada
A great addition to personal finance literature‎ and a must-read if you want to build wealth.” Robin R. Speziale, best-selling author of Market Masters
Burn Your Mortgage offers solid advice… for a generation that feels rising house prices have put homeownership out of reach. Peter Mitham, co-author, Real Estate Investing for Canadians for Dummies, and real estate columnist forBusiness in Vancouver
Following even a few of [Sean’s] frugal ways will get you to homeowner status sooner. Kerry K. Taylor, Squawkfox.com, author of 397 Ways To Save Money
More than just another mortgage manual, Sean writes passionately about the pitfalls to avoid during the house buying process. Robert R. Brown, author of Wealthing Like Rabbits: An Original Introduction to Personal Finance
Excellent! Packed with powerful, practical ideas, this inspiring book will help any Canadian own a home faster, become debt free, and achieve financial freedom. Talbot Stevens, speaker and author of The Smart Debt Coach
A must read guide. Frugality tips at their best. Rahim Madhavji, investment banker, entrepreneur, President of KnightsbridgeFX, and guest contributor for BNN
Sean’s motivational story and the advice he shares in this book can help you burn your mortgage – and if you’re already debt-free, it can help reinforce the importance of being financially accountable to yourself. Jason Heath, fee-only financial planner and personal finance columnist for the Financial Post and MoneySense Magazine